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Our senior adults are a vital part of our church's history and current ministry. They are a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and a true treasure in our church family. 

We have several different monthly opportunities for our senior adults to partake in food, fellowship, devotions, and fun. Please see the list of events below to get involved!


More Coming Soon!


Tas Philas! Hello Friends! At FBC Weber City, we believe that we, as women, are an invaluable resource to one another. It is so important to come together to share wisdom, stories, experiences, joys, and sorrows and grow in Christ together.

We have several different monthly opportunities for you to get involved today! Bring a Friend.

Women on Mission Circle Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 6:30 PM. See Bulletin or Sunday Slides for location.

For more information or questions, contact Andrea Sheppard.


More Coming Soon!


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