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Weber City First Baptist Church is built on over 75 years of history that brought us to where we are today. The following information is a brief summary of where the Lord has taken us over the years.

Weber City First Baptist Church began in October 1938 in the dirt floor basement of two Christian ladies living in the Weber City area.  They were concerned about the children playing on the railroad tracks that didn't have a Sunday School to attend. Worship services followed and by 1940 a lot was purchased and a temporary wood building was constructed. With 17 charter members Gateway Baptist Church was organized on March 23, 1940. In 1941, the membership had grown to 40 and from 1941-1945 the first three elected pastors were Rev. D. A. Simmons, Rev. Sam Needham, and Rev. Ted Duncan.

Rev. Paul Blessing served as pastor from 1947-1971. Three additional lots were purchased, a basement was added to the first block church building constructed in 1947, and a three-story building was attached in 1949-1950. Gateway Baptist Church was renamed First Baptist Church in 1957. The construction of the sanctuary was completed in 1959. In 1962, First Baptist Church of Weber City became the 9th church to achieve standard recognition in Virginia. The educational wing was added to the sanctuary in 1966-1967. Membership had grown to 299 by 1971.

Rev. Dean Smith served as pastor from 1972-2002, Dr. Johnny Kendrick was pastor from 2003-2010, and Dr. Lester Morelock was pastor from 2011-2018. During their years of ministry more lots joining the church property were purchased, a Family Life Center was built, a building adjacent to the church property was leased to house the church offices. Church Staff members were added. Many new ministries were initiated, especially for children, youth, and senior adults. Membership was at 766 by March 23, 2015, the 75th anniversary date of the church.

The church merged with Community Fellowship Baptist Church of Gate City in 2015. Rev. Jeremiah Riner was the first pastor called to serve at the North Campus. Following him, Rev. Justin Smith served as pastor at the North Campus until he was called to serve as Senior Pastor of Weber City First Baptist Church on February 24, 2019. Currently, the church is home to many different families, ministries, and growth opportunities. It is so evident how God has guided the mission of this church to the reach the point we are at today. 

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North Campus (formally known as Community Fellowship)

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